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Our People

At Milestones, our centre community is made up of a close-knit team of professional, qualified and passionate educators, teachers and staff.  We are responsive and caring educators who endeavour to build positive relationships with your family and loving connections with your child. We recognise your child’s individuality and are committed to nurturing them and instilling the skills and curiosity they need to confidently step into the world as lifelong learners.

Meet our Centre Manager

Name: Tina Barbour

Years in Childcare: 11 years

Qualifications: Diploma

What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education? I love how everyday can be different, because the children are different. They are constantly evolving and their curiosity can be sparked by the smallest of things and suddenly we are on a wild adventure of investigation and exploration. I also love having the opportunity to be a part of our families villages and work collaboratively  with them to create the best opportunities for their child.

What makes your centre different from other centres?  What sets our centre apart from others is that homely feel you get when you first walk in. Whether it be from the smell of the home coked meals coming from the kitchen or the sense of camaraderie between the children, educators and families. As a centre we make it our mission to make you feel at home and confident in the choice you’ve made to trust us with one of the most important people in your life- your child.

Meet our Assistant Centre Manager

Meet our Assistant Centre Manager

Name: Cheryn Hurst

Years in Childcare: 16years

Qualifications: Diploma

What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education? Creating relationships with the children and families is something that I am very passionate about. Working with families to help their child grow and develop as they hit their developmental milestones.
Meet our Educational Leader

Meet our Educational Leader

Name: Phil Lovell

Years in Childcare: 3 years

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education Early Childhood

What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education? During Early Childhood, children are still discovering who they are and how they learn, but the one thing that is usually sure is tat they are excited to learn, play and share who they are and who they are becoming. We know from neurological research how much the brain adapts and takes in knowledge in childhood, but what amazes me is seeing in action just how much change we can make in a child’s development at this stage.